Wallimage consists of 3 companies : Wallimage SA, the Walloon regional audiovisual cluster and its 2 subsidiaries Wallimage Coproductions and Wallimage Entreprises. Wallimage Entreprises finances companies with an occupational office in Wallonia, by taking a minority share in the capital, with an obligatory loan part, sometimes convertible in actions or via a subordinated loan. Wallimage analyses the bids and advises Wallimage Entreprises's Board of Directors who take the decisions to invest. Wallimage Coproductions finances audiovisual works, presented to her by independent production companies, with the aim of developing and supporting the audiovisual sector in Wallonia (Walloon investment line: “Wallimage”) and in Brussels (mixed investment line: “Wallimage-Bruxellimage”). Wallimage analyses the bids and advises Wallimage Coproductions regarding its investments in loans and in participation, on the principle of the co-production. In addition to these two investment lines, thanks to  the programme Creative Wallonia, exists a specific line “ Wallimage Cross Media”, divided into 2 branches : Digital Promotion (encourage producers to develop digital promotional tools in Wallonia, related to their audiovisual work [which previously received support from Wallimage or Wallimage/Bruxellimage], such as video games, iPhone or Android applications …) and Digital Experiences (finance interactive and innovative projects, within the themes of  “Culture and technology” or “Serious Game”).

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Jean-François Tefnin
Coproductions assistant
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