The MiiL offers an original set of equipment, techniques and scientific skills. Bringing together information and communication experts, linguists, computer engineers, lawyers and economists, it offers solutions adapted to each problem.

The specificity of this platform consists in developing an applied research, articulated on the concrete needs of actors of the various sectors of information-communication: media, companies, organizations, public sector or culture, among other fields.

MiiL deals with innovative demands about:
• communication and linguistics (ergonomics, storytelling, visualization, cognition, evaluation, strategic, organizational and change management issues, etc.);
• law (intellectual rights: image rights, privacy, data ownership, etc.);
• economics (performance evaluation, search for an economic model for digital information, etc.);
• technology (especially visualization) (innovative applications, solutions for creating new forms of information from statistical data or from social networks, etc.).

The MiiL conducts cutting-edge scientific research with national and international partners. It develops programs, in organizations and in companies, on the model of experimentation in real conditions. The editing and monitoring of these programs are taken care of by the MiiL research department.

MiiL has state-of-the-art professional infrastructures that allow it to produce professional quality sound and audio-visual productions for private and public partners, as for the various UCL entities. It also offers innovative equipment to assess the intelligibility of information (eye-tracker, face-reader, biometric tests ...). The MiiL production management welcomes and manages this type of order, in close dialogue with their sponsors.



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