The Belgian-based startup Be Blockchain SRL is behind the "d-event" project, a collaborative and decentralized platform for cashless and ticketing management. The platform allows any event professional (artistic, sports, cultural...) to sell their tickets directly to their users and to manage all cashless transactions without intermediaries in an ultra secure and transparent way. All this thanks to the integration of Blockchain technology.

"Just like the monetary system, cashless is a centralized system and vulnerable to corruption. With d-event, we want to tackle this problem by starting with a niche: festivals, as they function as a small economy in itself, with its consumers, managers, companies and even a central bank, which is none other than the manager of the cashless system that manipulates the creation and destruction of tokens as well as the transaction history as it sees fit" Harold Kinet, co-founder and CEO.

Thanks to its local and collaborative ecosystem, d-event also allows any local merchants to join the party by offering festival-goers to pay using the same mobile app used at the festival. No more multiple means of payment, d-event is highly interoperable.

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