Technocité, our approach makes the difference:

  • A specific management of knowledge in the field of ICT and digital media concentrated on anticipating technological changes and increasing partnerships in enterprise and research areas.
  • Advanced equipment and a team of more than 80 great experts partners coming from working life.
  • Cooperations and partnerships with enterprises, research institutes, education and cultural institutions.
  • More than 300 training modules which can meet your expectations in the fields of :
    1. Digital media & audiovisual professions
    2. CAO and Digital Image Synthesis
    3. Web technologies & social networks
    4. Mobile development
    5. Serious game
    6. ICT networks
    7. Technical offices & business solutions

Our objective: educate and support our region in technological progress.

Based on his expertise in the field of knowledge management, Technocité aims at improving technological at a regional level ; through enterprises, authorities, and schools by discovering new working methods and modern tools in our economic era.

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