DELTACAST is a pioneer provider in the world of live TV production. DELTACAST develops a set of high-technology graphics solutions mainly for professional broadcasters. The DELTA-sport suite is used in many sports events around the world. Furthermore, DELTACAST has launched a product range that you may discover in arenas, shopping malls or conference rooms.

DELTA-live is a system that enhances virtual graphics in live on soccer or rugby pitch. The watcher can benefit from heat maps, fault location map, penalty history, shot speed, and so on.

DELTA-branding, like DELTA-live, makes feasible the live insert of advertisements or logos (2D or 3D) on the pitch or on the tribune.

DELTA-offside is a precision tool built for referees inside the VAR. They are able to draw virtual offside lines on the pitch in order to validate their judgment.

DELTA-highlight concretely illustrates on the field, in all kind of sports, the purpose held by a journalist or a consultant during a deep analysis at half-time or after the final whistle. 70 more objects are available in the library. An additional module called Virtual View recreates real sequences into 3D mode.

DELTA-touch is a telestration tool. Generally used by presenters to directly interact during the show with a tablet or a touch screen.

DELTA-stat is an intuitive software that masters set of graphics on TV like statistics, line-up, substitution and so on.

DELTA-stadium is a tool dedicated to visual animation of screens in arenas (countdown, players’ entrance, clapping, statistics, weather conditions, etc.).

DELTA-cg is an advanced character generator divided into two different parts. The first one is the play out. Its mission is to control your graphics, contents, playlists, etc. and to broadcast them within the next few seconds. The second part is the template editor. Thanks to its flexibility you may create your own graphics suite.

TV Show automation is the generic term for the state-of-art in automation of TV shows in sports, quiz games and calls TV.

DELTA-neo N2H is a standalone convertor box. It decodes and converts NDI®4 stream format into HDMI flows.

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