Because nowadays the video as a way of communication is essential and necessary . Because we are passionnate since the very start and beyond, we brings together talented people who whish to imagine, create, and emphasize ideas, concepts and projects.

We are skilled in translating your message in images. We make videos for Projection MappingAdvertising, in 2D and 3D Animations or Visual Effects for different kind of media and support such as television, cinema, objects or buildings.

Flagship product since 2010, the Projection Mapping dress your walls with light. We transform any objects or building into a new way to create shows !

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Rue des Eburons 34
4000 Liège

T. +32 499 38 51 64


Xavier Boeur
T. +32 499 38 51 64

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Rue de Mulhouse, 36
4020 Liège

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