Acquired in 2012, MT-C is a software engineering company. Today, it is reinventing storage solutions and intelligent archiving for sectors facing needs of data storage systems flexibility, capable of supporting massive data in continual growth (+ 100 TB). In addition, our customers get, via MT-C, technological alternatives with major manufacturers’ partners (Fujitsu, Quantum, Oracle).

Our business is focusing on key markets, such as: genetics and health, post-production and media, space and video surveillance. Today, these sectors are facing new challenges in the management of their digital data. Indeed, they are seen to be generated massively. The consequence of this trend, large data requiring large storage spaces due to higher resolutions. This is the reason why MT-C has developed NODEUM.

NODEUM is an innovative solution for hybrid storage and active archiving designed and developed by MT-C. It allows, through a file virtualization, the combination of flash, hard disk and tape in one single solution. Our solution is also able to work with FLAPE, a feature that is able to move data between the flash and the tape.

Moreover, NODEUM allows users to easily store and retrieve massive data. Indeed, its interface is easy-to-use, intuitive and has a catalog containing metadata to facilitate research. Moreover, NODEUM has REST API and supports LTFS.

Today, as NODEUM has just been launched on the market, the solution has already won many prestigious clients such as IPG (Genetics, Belgium) but also partners in the international industry of post-production.

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